Microscope Meiji EMZ-5

“Perfect and precise world-class goldsmith work cannot be done without a microscope for one simple reason. In short, you do not see what you are doing. If you need to see the detail, where you need to work with the accuracy of one-hundredth of a millimetre, you have to enlarge the product up to 22 times. And that is what the MEIJI EMZ-5 microscope allows me to do.”

“From my own experience, I know that the customer will appreciate perfectly crafted jewellery. Even if they do not understand the production of jewellery and cannot accurately described what intrigued them about it, I know it is the purity of the work done. However, to be able to work with maximum precision, I have to see operation well. That is why the Meiji microscope became an indispensable helper. It allows me to perfectly polish burins so that the engraving is shiny and clean. I can also prepare miniature tools with a size of about 0.10 mm. Setting diamonds with a diameter of 0.9 mm? No problem. When setting small stones in a line, I can easily keep the line straight, make equal gaps between the stones and keep the same depth for all of them. Making sure the table of each set stone is level and not tilted in a different direction than I need is no longer a problem. When preparing collets for stones, I remove all excessive material so that only the miniature grains remain for setting. Thanks to this, stones remain exposed along their entire circumference. This allows them to be entered by as much light as possible and to sparkle, while being sufficiently fixed to prevent them from falling out. These are just the basic advantages of using a microscope for my jewellery work. Another, no less important, positive aspect is health protection. During long, several-hour work making jewellery, my eyes are not strained that much compared to working under a magnifying glass. My neck pain stopped, because I work with a straight back and not hunched like before.

I learned about this wonderful helper for making perfect jewellery about five years ago, and it was clear to me that if I wanted to fulfil my dream of perfect jewellery work, I have to buy it. Even though the purchase price is not exactly small and it took me over three years to be able to buy it (with other essential tools), I know today that it was one of the best investments in my workshop. Thanks to the Meiji microscope, I can still dream of world-class jewellery work.”

Marek Odstrčil, goldsmith-jeweller

Mikroskop Meiji EMZ-5

Stojan pro mikroskop Acrobat Classic

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