Company has been operating in the Czech market since 2005. It provides complete equipment for goldsmith’s workshops and also operates in the industrial sector, where it supplies equipment for surface treatment, deburring, surface smoothing, high-gloss polishing (mass process of grinding of small parts with a material thickness of just 0.1 mm). It also supplies equipment for deburring, smoothing and polishing of individual cutting tools and various complex-shaped parts (e.g. for the automotive industry, hydraulics, implants, etc.) requiring precision finishing and last but not least machines for microfine arc welding (jewel-making, industry, dental sector).

In 10 years of operation in the Czech and Slovak markets, we have concluded many contracts with foreign manufacturers to offer our customers top-quality machines and equipment. We have maintained the same prices as in foreign markets and also provide our customers with the convenience of purchasing and quality service in the Czech Republic.

Company education of employees
The project focuses on increasing the professional level of knowledge, skills and competences of s.r.o. employees in order to match the workforce skill level with the requirements of the labour market and the internal requirements for all employees through the provision of external training in line with the implementation of new processes and the developing company.

Comprehensive services for our customers


Project proposal

Whether you are equipping a goldsmith’s workshop or need help with a step in a technological process, we are always ready to advise you and then help you choose the best solution for the problem.


Sale and delivery

We usually hold more than 3000 items in stock, which we are able to ship almost immediately. For more sophisticated equipment, we also offer installation at your site.



The technology we offer naturally comes with professional customer training. The training can take place at our company headquarters as well as at the customer.



We provide warranty and post-warranty service for all machines. Thanks to the training of our employees, we deal with minor defects right at our company, which greatly accelerates the entire service process.

Our vision

Our vision is based on customer needs. We strive to satisfy the customer as much as possible, namely in the following areas:


Product range

We supply a wide range of products to be able to meet various customer needs and provide the customer with everything they need for their purpose.



We offer goods from proven suppliers and constantly verify their quality.



We constantly keep track of new technologies and offer the customer the latest and most effective solution.



We help the customer to select goods and provide expert advice. We ensure the fastest delivery. At the same time, we provide service for all our machines.

Social responsibility

We appreciate the environment in which we live and treat it with respect.

It is in our nature to take care of the needy. Our vision is to keep providing support.

We help

Advantage is fully aware that the lives of some people around us are complicated by very unfavourable circumstances. That is why we feel it is a matter of course to devote part of our profits to charity.

We are concerned by the difficult situation of children growing up in the world’s poorest countries and areas struggling with natural or military disasters. That is why we support UNICEF, which is trying to provide these children with favourable living conditions.

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